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Nov 9, 2018

Noelle Buice talks about her Girl Scout Gold Award project Cancer Kickin’ Critters.  She shares about the inspiration for her project, a Girl Scout sister.  

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More about Noelle:

I’ve been involved in scouting since first grade.  My favorite aspects of Girl Scouts are the focus on acquiring knowledge and serving the community. My Girl Scout troop became involved in serving the pediatric cancer community when one of our members, my best friend was diagnosed with cancer in seventh grade. Through girl scouts, we raised awareness about childhood cancer, and joined in the struggle to get more federal cancer research funding focused on children’s cancers. I created Cancer Kickin’ Critters in seventh grade, hand making toys for children fighting cancer because of my best friend. This project later evolved into my Gold Award project, where I was able to expand CKC into an official 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, that has assisted over 1,300 children across the US and Canada. Outside of scouts, I’m a captain of my high school’s crew team, and active member of Young Life (interdenominational youth ministry), and a participant in multiple choirs. I’ve recently sent in my college applications, and I’m excited to hear those results since they will impact my future!  

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