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Oct 26, 2018

Jacklyn Dougherty talks about her Girl Scout Gold Award project Pink Ladybug.  She shares about the inspiration for her project, her Grandfather, Poppy.  We discuss finishing the Gold Award as a Sophomore. She also shares her favorite Girl Scout Journey and we have fun discussing her Instagram posts.

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More about Jacklyn:

Gold Award Girl Scout Ambassador Jacklyn earned her recognition by creating Pink  She educated her community on Skin Cancer Awareness and how to protect yourself. She created 600 Educational Sun Kits containing the following items: Sunscreen, lip balm, sun bracelet, sunglasses, educational card, all placed in a handy bag.   She gave educational speeches at local high schools and Boys and Girls Club She used the hashtag #knowyourbody, educating students how to check their body for moles. She enjoyed educating everyone and sending them home with Educational Sun Kits.  

Jacklyn’s dream is to continue to educate on a National platform Skin Cancer Awareness and protection.  She created a Nonprofit www. She is looking for donation and volunteers to help in her mission.

Jacklyn heart is on Pointe, she has been studying Ballet since the age of two.  Pointe ballet is her favorite dance. She is on the Varsity Golf team and Tennis team.  She plays the violin and sings.   

Jacklyn lives in Kissimmee Florida, with her lovely Mommy.  She has the most amazing relationship with her mommy. She thanks her Mommy, for assisting her with her Gold Awards.

Jacklyn future includes continuing to advocate Skin Cancer Awareness and Protection.  She plans on attending University of Notre Dame, to become a lawyer.

More about Pink Ladybug:

At the nonprofit’s website, Jacklyn provides educational information about what is Skin Cancer.  It also provides ways to protect ones skin from skin cancer. Jacklyn is willing to speak at event, schools, etc about Skin Cancer Awareness and Protection.  The website includes a link to request her as a speaker or to donate to the mission.

Pink Ladybug Nonprofit

Mission:  To Educate student about skin cancer awareness and protection

Vision: A world without skin cancer.

Jacklyn created Pink Ladybug is hopes that people will protect themselves from the sun and student will stop Prom Tanning.  The name for the nonprofit came from Jacklyn using two of her favorites, Pink is her favorite color and Ladybug is a symbol for the Blessed Mother Mary. (which she is named after in her middle name).  Her first name is named after her Grandfather Jack, whom is why she choice this cause to advocate.

Jacklyn’s Instagram: jacklyndougherty


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