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Nov 5, 2020

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Shelby is a 2018 National Gold Award Girl Scout who started a non profit in order to reduce plastic waste in our oceans. She did this by connecting with Executives at large businesses to educate and encourage them to reduce plastic usage.

More from Shelby:

Shelby O'Neil is a National Geographic Young Explorer as well as the Founder of Jr Ocean Guardians and the No Straw November challenge. As a past National Gold Award Girl Scout, O'Neil worked with several companies in the aviation, health care, and beverage industries to reduce single-use plastic pollution. To date, over 40 million single-use plastic straws have been reduced annually from O'Neil's corporate relationships. O'Neil has also worked in policy resulting in a No Straw November statewide resolution and the passing of a "Straws Upon Request" bill in California. Hailing from the small town of San Juan Bautista, CA, O'Neil is an advocate for equal education - currently focusing on shifting the narrative on who can be a scientist in hopes the world of science gains diverse innovators. As an incoming sophomore, O'Neil attends the University of California Berkeley majoring in Global Environmental Politics.

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