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Mar 7, 2019

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Emma shares about her portable race track made from recycled materials, the 2019 Rose Parade Tournament Troop, STEM, her Robotics team, and much more!

More about Emma

Emma Kessner is a high-school senior at Marlborough School in Los Angeles. She is a Girl Scout Ambassador who recently earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by working with the Culver City reDiscover Center, an organization that promotes using one’s imagination to tinker with reused materials. In designing and building a portable racetrack and curriculum, she introduced younger children to STEM in a fun and engaging way, and her project will be utilized by as many as 300 students per year in 11 schools per semester around the Los Angeles area.

In addition to her 12-year Girl Scout career, she has been a part of her school’s robotics team for five years, and is currently the Captain. In 2017, she accompanied her team as they competed and won an award at the FIRST World Championship in Houston, Texas. She has also founded a program dedicated to giving students real-world work experience in a familiar environment by working and doing inventory at the new campus Café, and is a member of the California Scholarship Federation. She plans to attend college in the fall, and hopes to continue being active in community service by mentoring future female leaders interested in STEM.


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