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Dec 31, 2021

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Molly created Nurturing Nature Knowledge education program to encourage an interest in nature and the environment in kids.

Hi! My name is Molly McGarity. I am a Girl Scout Ambassador from Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson and a senior in High School.

I have been a Girl Scout since kindergarten, making 2021 my 13th year as a member! I have earned my bronze and silver award and I am so excited to be earning my Gold Award. I am a member of the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson competitive canoe team and I have spent about half of the summers of my life at Camp Addisone Boyce. Being in Girl Scouts has allowed me to meet so many friends and try so many new things. It has also helped me realize how much I love nature and teaching people.

My experiences at Camp Addisone Boyce were a big inspiration behind this project, I wanted to create something to get kids outside and excited about nature! I was also inspired by my grandfather, Sidney Horenstein, who was an environmental educator and geologist. The passion I have found for the outdoors and the environment, combined with my love of working with kids pushed me to pursue this project.

In the future, I plan to become an environmental educator and continue sharing my passions with anyone who wants to listen! This project has solidified that this is the path that I want to take!




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