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Oct 7, 2021

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Ephemia created Eco Orthodox to encourage her church to reduce the use of plastics and find more eco friendly options.

Ephemia Nicolakis is a second year student at Quinnipiac University in their 3+1 accelerated dual degree program double majoring in Graphic Design and Public Relations. She currently works as a Digital Platforms Assistant for Quinnipiac University’s department of Integrated Marketing Communication, and is also the Social Media Manager for the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA. A new on-campus organization she recently joined is called Ability Media, an org directed to help individuals with disabilities showcase their talents through media and more! In her free time, Ephemia is a photographer for her photography business, ephemiamaria, based in Connecticut. She also loves to hang out with her sister and friends, travel, read, bake, and shop!

Ephemia was a Girl Scout starting in Kindergarten! Her favorite Girl Scout activities consisted of selling cookies and attending fun events. Her idea for her Gold Award project, EcoOrthodox, bloomed after she took a marine biology class her junior year of high school. In it she learned all about climate change and ocean pollution, as well as the single-use plastic problem, and wanted to find a solution for approaching the issue within her community. She noticed her church using tons of styrofoam and plastic containers during all of their events. Knowing the harm this does to not only us but the environment, Ephemia came up with EcoOrthodox.

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