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Mar 25, 2021

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Kiki designed and built two dog parks for her community - one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. She included agility equipment to allow owners to train dogs.

More about Kiki:

My name is Keaira Lutz and I have been a Girl Scout since 2008. I started Girl Scouts as a daisy and went all the way up to Ambassador which is the very last stage of being a Girl Scout. I also completed my Gold Award project which was building a dog park in my local community. I did a lot of things while in Girl Scouts. I went to some Girl Scout camps. I don’t remember much of them because I went to them when I was a younger Girl Scout. What I do remember is that they were so much fun to participate in. I also went on some troop trips to like New York or New Jersey and that was always fun. On top of Girl Scouts I am a very active Youth Group member with my church. I help out in my local community a lot as well. Some of my future plans include going to college. I got accepted into Wilson College majoring in Equine Studies. I want to own my horse ranch one day. If I can accomplish building a dog park then I am very confident that I’ll successfully start a horse ranch.

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