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Mar 11, 2021

Abby Burden - Be Smart, Not Mean Behind the Screen: Educating 6th graders About Cyberbullying Girl Scout Gold Award Project

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Abby created a cyberbullying education packet. She was a member of USA Girl Scouts Overseas, attending high school in Singapore and is now a member of the USA Girl Scouts Overseas Gold Award Committee.

More about Abby: I have been involved with Girl Scouts for 13 years as a girl member and now as an Adult Member, I am on the Gold Award committee for overseas. Throughout my time in middle school, I was a victim of cyberbullying. I never want anyone to go through what I went through, so I decided to create advisory lessons for the 6th grade Homebase program. The goal of my project is to raise awareness about cyberbullying in an effort to reduce it. For my Gold Award project, I created 5 lessons all about the importance of internet safety and the prevention of cyberbullying. Currently, I am enrolled at Florida Southern College where I study nursing and exercise science.

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