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Dec 17, 2020

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Naomi created an educational program to encourage all ages to think about what they could accomplish as an entrepreneur. Naomi is a GTEAM, GIRL 2020 member.

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Naomi Porter is a 16-year-old serial entrepreneur, community activist, public speaker and student leader from Los Angeles, California. At age 11, she launched her first business after noticing that travelers needed an eco-friendly way to transport spices for cooking. She launched Spice It Up (@spiceitup) which sells affordable and portable travel spice kits marketed to scout groups and adventure travelers. At age 13, she launched Bright Futures Tutoring and Academic Coaching (@bright_futures_tutoring). She noticed that many sixth graders were struggling with the increased homework and study skills demands of middle school and realized she could help. Currently She manages a team of employees who serve over 15 clients. Entrepreneurship is the future, and Naomi is passionate about helping youth learn how to adapt and innovate in order to succeed. Her Gold Award (@gsentrepreneurs) partnered with five organizations to provide free entrepreneurial education. With that extensive mentorship, a hands-on curriculum, and real-life experiences, each student launched their own business and had an opportunity to receive start-up funding. Naomi is a Global Research and design intern for Girl Scouts of the USA through which she has lead national focus groups, hosted a TV show, and provided relevant content for youth Find my businesses on Instagram: Follow my organization+Gold Award: Listen to Don’t Quit Do It Podcast:

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