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Jun 6, 2019

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Rachel shares her experience renovating a habitat to increase protection from hurricanes.

More about Rachel

Hi, my name is Rachel Mazyck. I was a Girl Scout for about 9 years with Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida. Throughout my years I have done many things that have helped me flourish into the person I am today. I earned my silver and gold award, Counselor in Training certification, Presidential Community Service Award, and several others. Also while being a girl scout, I attended the 2014 and 2017 Girl scout conventions. Furthermore, I challenged myself to also do internships during my time in high school and completed Arts for Learning internship and United Way Fellowship.  Now as a college student, I attend Florida Atlantic University studying Geography with a focus in Environmental Science. I will also be a Residential Assistant for freshmen to help them on their journey through the first year of college. Also, I am currently working towards becoming a real estate agent.

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