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Nov 2, 2023

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Amira created a three-day program to inspire youth to get involved in civic engagement and political campaigns, regardless of their political party. Amira discusses her inspiration for the project, including her experience working with older individuals in the political landscape at a young age. She also shares a life-altering event that motivated her to pave a better path for others interested in joining campaigns. Despite not being old enough to vote, Amira remains actively involved in campaigns. Tune in to hear her inspiring story of youth empowerment and activism.

More from Amira:

Amira Ismail is a 17-year-old Egyptian-Palestinian teen organizer and youth leader in her community of Woodside and Astoria Queens in New York City. There, she leads the Muslim Girl Scouts of Astoria, composed of Arab youth aged 5 to 18. Working with MGSA, she has become an advocate for Girl Scouts at the council and national level, speaking at events, unveiling programs, frequently participating, and leading in virtual programming for the organization. As an intern for GSGNY, Amira created new badge guides to be used across the nation, advocated for creating Arab Heritage Month programming for the Girl Scouts events calendar, and designed the program.

In the fall of 2021, she was a Muslim Community Network youth fellow where she discovered the value of civic education and developed the ability to comprehend a variety of perspectives on critical current events confidently. She also is a Malikah youth fellow where she creates programming for North African youth promoting leadership in young people through lessons in financial literacy, community organization, and political activism.

Most recently, Amira has embarked on creating her program, launching earlier this year, titled Make U Listen. There, she continues her passion for civic engagement at the youth level, educating young people on how to get involved in the political process despite barriers of age, gender, and ethnicity. In speaking of the hardships she has faced in reaching her position of prominence and influence in her community, she hopes to inspire young people to advocate for their passions.

Key takeaways from the episode:

1️⃣ Passion and Commitment: Amira's Gold Award project took three years to complete, and she faced challenges. However, she never gave up and stayed committed to her goal. It's a reminder that when we are passionate about something, we must trust our intuition and persevere, even when faced with obstacles.

2️⃣ Empowering Youth: Amira's project aimed to inspire and engage young people in civic engagement and political campaigns, regardless of their political party. She recognized the importance of giving youth a voice and creating opportunities for them to make a difference. It's a powerful reminder that young voices matter and can significantly impact shaping our communities.

3️⃣ Building Community: Amira's involvement in her council and various Girl Scout activities showcased the power of community. From creating a Girl Advisory Board to organizing events and programs, she actively worked towards bringing people together and creating a supportive network. It's a reminder that we can achieve more when we collaborate and support one another.